Friday, January 27, 2012


Hello from cloudy and gray Madrid.
It looks as though winter is finally here? Everyone here says that this is a very mild winter, and I believe it. Even for a place where palm trees can grow outside (you just know the winters can not be THAT fierce if there are palm trees) it has been very mild.

I am ready for the winter, and I crave snow something fierce.
This picture was taken an hour ago as I walked through the park from an early morning class. The park has been "put to bed", the sky is gray, it is cold enough to wear a wool hat. 
Come on winter, what are you waiting for?

I have not written in quite sometime because I have been beyond busy. I do not know how many hours I am working a week but it is enough to make me edgy if I have not been working for 10 minutes. I have 26 hours of in-class teaching time, then the commutes, then preparing for the classes, and of course trying to keep up with the housework, and errands. I stay up late, and get up early to get it all done.
This week both me and my husband have had a cold, and since I do not know how to go about calling in sick, I just powered through it. Now I just have one more 2.5 hour class until the weekend!

Also I have not written because like blogs with pictures, so I have been waiting to find the time to take them. Ok, more than just time, I have not been carrying my camera. However, now that I have new classes I have the opportunity to see new part of the city.

I teach some classes in a famous International company, and so twice a week I have been able to see a new fancy business office part of town.
 Because it is full of importent business and high security I fell odd about taking pictures, so I did not "frame" the pictures as well as I usually do. This is my journey to, up and across the bridge over the highway to the other side and the buss stop.

I wanted to capture some of the buildings because they are so cool. I have recently discovered a ton of modernly designed buildings here. Some are just interesting shapes and colors like these ones, and some look like they are giant toys, like they are made out of legos. I even found one building that looks like a Rubik cube (without the colors).

Hopefully I will be able to capture some of them on film and share them with you. 
Keep warm!

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  1. Wow, you're doing so well with your teaching ! Good work ! You must go for a snow day somewhere... (the Pyranees??)