Friday, June 15, 2012

Madrid River Walk - Parque Lineal de Manzanares

There is a new park that opened sometime last year in Madrid that runs along the river Manzanares. We wanted to walk, so we went down to check it out. Now any of you that read the last post, knows that my favorite part (of what we walked that day) was the Palacio Cristal, but the river walk is a good destination for walking or bike riding and deserves a small post of it's own. We wanted to walk so we took the metro to Principe Pío and walked down river from there.

The river walk includes the oldest bridge in Madrid, Punte de Segovia (Spanish link) built in 1582.

The next bridge is by far prettier "Puente de Toledo" which is surrounded by geometric gardens, included a lot of roses.

 There is an area known as the "Madrid Beach". When people talk about the Madrid beach they are either talking this area, where there are a lot of places to sunbathe and play in the water, or a beach in Valencia about 4 hours away.

This bridge was one of the coolest I have ever seen. Useful too, not only is it well shaded without obstructing the views, but there are benches running down the length, and separate sides for bikes and pedestrians.

This mural was dead cool. (click to enlarge.) Notice that the leave is made of humans, the tree is full of stars, and the third "panel" is out of a fairy tail.

Aww the sphinxes of Madrid. There are so many here in the city. However this one is very unusually modest.

Ok that is better.

And finally a brillant plan carried out by a mother of two. What you see here is her two young kids peddling furiously while she enjoys the view from the front of the "bike", brilliant!

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