Saturday, June 23, 2012

Campo de Moro

Campo de Moro, (English small link) was apparently named after the places were the Moors set up their camp to lay seige to Madrid in the 12th century. These gardens are located behind the palace of Madrid. They are also only about 200 hundred years old. I love European gardens, some of the reportedly 170 species of trees are 200 years old! 
I have heard that since the palace used to be on a hill they brought in dirt from the construction of Puerta de Sol to level of the ground.
Image from Wikipedia (first link in Post)
I went to the gardens on the 10th of June and Spring was still in full bloom, as you can see.

I love these little box hedges they are only about 20cm (8 inches) high. Inside there are the most perfect little miniature roses.

I heard the peacocks about 5 minutes after into walking into the garden.  They remind me of going to the Denver Zoo as a child. It was such a comforting homy noise.

They have a tiny little, not so well kept, Rose garden, it was still beautiful. (Showen here was the well-kept side.)

Proof of spring, baby peacocks with their mother.

The variety of trees here was very impressive.

Chalé del Corcho, a charming little building with stain glass windows, sadly fallen into disrepair. 

Fuente de las Conchas and a view of the palace itself in the distance.

If you look closely at the picture above (as always click to enlarge) you can see either side of the pathway is lined with an abundance of while lacy roses.

Baby ducklings!

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  1. I have heard that this park is also nice to visit during the fall, you get to see some nice autumn colors.