Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June

I have had a spring cold, and  have not gotten to adventure anywhere recently, but I feel as though I am neglecting the blog. So I decided to pull together some photos of advertisements that I have taken over the last couple of months. I have started take more of them, as some signage at bus stops do not stay up for long. Some are not art, but all of them are thought provoking.

This is a sign for a play. She is dressed in leather and holding a gun in his mouth. I walked past this ad at least 15 times before it occurred to me, that you wouldn't adds like this in the States.

This Ad shows a child's hand manipulating the face of a classic painting. This was an advertisement for a conference on whether child learn, or learn not to learn, on devices such as the Ipad.

This ad was supposed to advertise a bank, and that you should get an account there, although I have never figured out how this photo was suppose to make you want an account.

This was definitely worth the stares as I took the photo. An American company advertising in Italian in Spain.

This was for another play entitle "the face in flames" or something simular, the artwork is so haunting.

This is haunting too, for different reasons.

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  1. Very interesting advertising. And a darned good idea. I'm going to steal it. ;-)