Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Swirl inspiration, needle felt style.

I have been inspired by the many colors and textures that one can get from needle felting with just yarn.

My first thought was that I could take scraps of handspun and create random swirls and colors with various yarns in a recognizable silhouettes. 

Note: Here I am felting on a 100%wool felt background with 100% non-superwash wool.

This was my first piece that I did yesterday. I tried to make the yarn go in unexpected directions, but kept the color changes in, almost, predictable places. I hoped in doing so, that it would catch peoples attention and make them really look at what was going on. Maybe it would cause the observer to stop and think.

Yes that orange really is that bright.
Using different thicknesses of yarn will create a 3D effect.

Just think of how many silhouettes that you could try! I tried this morning one of the most simple shapes, a circle. I choose a yarn that I have had for a while, some Schaefer Eliane. I won this at a knit-in-pubic day in Ithaca. Yes the colors really are that bright.

I started with a simple spiral, then I let the yarn go where it wanted for a while, as long as it stayed with in the confines of the circle. I am stabbing with a single felting needle with my right hand as my left hand guides the yarn. The felting needle is what will 'glue' the yarn onto the felt background.

This is where I cut the first time. All of that was one piece of yarn.

Then I started somewhat randomly filling in the shape. You can cut all you want while needle felting, you just have to make sure that you really secure the ends, as they have a tendency to fray out.

 The resulting piece reminds me of paisley.

The yarn is a thick and thin so there really is a lot of lovely texture.

 I am inspired to try more. What about different shades of the same color all swirled together? What about complementary colors twining around each other? What about combining classic color combinations and silhouettes together? Like a black and white penguin?

What do you think? Have I inspired you to try this? 


  1. Kay, you're utterly genius. I have never seen home-spun yarn felting like this. It is exquisite !!! I can almost see jewelry made this way... um... pendants? You are amazing.

    I am sorry I've been such a stranger blogwise, as I've just been so distracted, not reading others' blogs for about a month now... and that's a mistake, because it's others' creatve work which sparks my own. THank you for being one of those sparks. :) xx

  2. Ahh Jen, thank you. You are a 'spark' for me too.
    Hmmm..... chunky yarn jewelry is in right now.....

  3. The combination of colors is amazing. The final pic makes me think of Van Gogh's sunflowers.