Friday, October 18, 2013

From batt to roving

I made this tutorial today!
There are so many tutorials that I want to make, but there is a steep learning curve to make making these, so please be kind. Once I run the subtitles past my Spanish editor (husband) I will put up a version with Spanish subtitles, maybe Spanish audio. So, why am I so obsessed about tutorials in Spanish? There just isn't many out there right now. 

I am sure that my tutorials will get better with time, but I think that you see everything fairly well. Go ahead and watch the video first, and the scroll down to the photo tutorial to see the steps.


Step-by-step tutorial for a quick reference guide.

Step one: Place an unfolded batt on a flat surface.

Step two: Starting at one end pull a section apart with both hands (this is why I made the video, can't show my hands and take the picture at the same time). You are going to be creating zig-zag strips.

Step three: Leave some space at the end, a good rule of thumb is to leave a section a little longer than the staple length (how long each wool hair is).

See here I want a little too far at the second "join" and now it is a weak point in my roving.

Step four: Then you will want to start drafting out these strips. I recommend you draft at least twice, once going each way, but you can draft as much as you would like to. 

Step five: wind into a lose ball or a nest for storage until you spin it. It is a good idea if you a spinning a project to turn all of your batts into roving at the same time, so that they are similar thicknesses.

So what do you think? Have you ever tried this?

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  1. Interesting. I'm not a spinner, but enjoy learning about how it is done.