Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One year

Ok, so today marks the one year anniversary of when I left the US.
I was going to show the last picture I took in the US, but the last several are of our boxes we were shipping, or furniture we wanted to sell. I guess I had forgotten what a busy time it was, no time for pictures, no time for many goodbyes.

This was the last picture I took of an outside view of the US. That was the grass outside my Durham apartment as seen though a friend's wedding shawl that managed to finnish and send before I left.

I remember how frightened I was a year ago. I want to have been able to tell my past-self that it was all going to be ok, not right away, but OK. The trip was one I never want to repeat though. From having our flight canceled literally right after we threw out our mattress, to leaving on 10 minutes notice to the airport. (that was 10 minutes notice, including: medicating a cat, loading the luggage and the cats in the car, making sure we had everything, and calling a friend to beg her to come clean our mess and return the keys.) I did not have time to think about leaving my country. The rest of the trip was full of worry about my kitties and my future life.

I am so glad I never have to relive that day again.

A big hug to all of my Durham friends that made it possibile to get through those last couple of weeks. Wether it was emotional support, or helping me get rid off furniture and things. Especially to Durham Knits for cleaning up my mess as I fled the country. I miss everyone.


  1. My goodness, What a gorgeous shawl !!! You made that? What a year of challenge for you ! How about that list of all the good things in your life now....:)

  2. I'd do it again, last minute or no. We miss you!!

    I'd write more, but I must go stop Jr. from playing with knives. And yes, that is for reals.