Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a walk through Chueca

On Sunday it was decided to go downtown and explore more. I took a ton of pictures and will share them with you through two posts.

Things are going well with me I have been Spinning, looking for jobs, surviving over 100F heat, and practicing Spanish. I have recently gotten more opportunities to go out and explore. Expect a museum  review, or two, coming up soon.

OK on to the picture heavy post. Chueca is a neighborhood just North of Grand Vía downtown. It is known as a party neighborhood, and it is not a neighborhood that a conservative US citizen should take their children through. Chueca is an openly gay, openly adult neighborhood, much the same as parts of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Starting out, Madrid has a LOT of metal sculptures on the tops of the buildings. I tried to take a many pictures as possible to show you how many are in a small area (remembering that the next post is of the same walk).

Even though we are by Chueca I think that is his sword.
The buildings downtown are gorgeous.

A cathedral.

If you go to the left in this photo you get to the heart of Madrid and Spain (kilometer 0), Puerta de Sol,  if you go to Chueca.

We saw a random sign of somebody knitting! I am pretty sure that it is an ad for the ad agency that it was hanging in front of.

I love this street name. "The street of the virgin of the dangers".

This was the street of the restaurant we ate at. This was my new word of the day. Clavel = Carnation.

I think that this hotel is exactly what you are probably thinking that it is.

Spain is good at picaresque plazas.

The entrance to this parking structure is the red ribbon of the fight against AIDs. I love it, how clever.

Tomorrow, more photos.

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  1. Had to laugh, oh yes, the only time I was in Madrid with my husband it felt like we spent the whole time looking up! Loved all the black wrought iron and the sculptures.