Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So we are back out of Chueca. 
Side note - it is not as fun, in the heat after it has not rain for a long time.

Again a picture heavy post, which should be ok as people keep telling me that they enjoy my photos. The photos of the rooftop statues are not the best quality because I had to zoom in so much.

Modern design meets old, one reason to love living in a big European city.

I think this guy is riding a swan.

Another reason to love living in Europe is all of the statues and faces you can find carved in the buildings.

The building on the right is very interesting, the building on the left has a very famous sign on it.

An unexpected, pretty plaza.

Again modern meets old. We really have to come down here more to eat. there is such a verity of different types of restaurants.

A nunnery downtown.

The plaza surrounding the nunnery.

Read this t-shirt (click to enlarge). I hope it is a case of translation going wrong. I was tempted to buy it, but I would never wear it.

The oldest book store in Madrid is by the Monastery. It is also very small, the guy (who I do not know) is good to show the scale.

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  1. Your photos make me miss Europe. they are beautiful. But I'm enjoying being home and we are having ideal weather at the moment. One can't have everything at once.