Sunday, February 24, 2013

Malasaña part two

Where has the week gone? I have been very happily busy with some new ideas I hope to share soon, and apparently blogging about my day in Malasaña slipped my mind. If you are ever in Madrid and you want a day of being in a chic, artistic neighborhood with an older gentile European ambiance, Malasaña is where to go.

As it is just a 25 minute bus ride for me to get here I should really try and go more often. It started off as a day of running errands, but as is often the case here the shops we wanted were closed (the schedule of opening hours are flexible and not easy to find), or did not have what we were looking for. So we did as any Spaniard would do and relaxed and took in the neighborhood's charm.
First stop a precious little bar called "Casa Maravillas" for a quick second breakfast to keep up our strength. Fresh squeezed Valencia orange juice (which most bars have) a cortado, and pan con tomaca (a toasted baguette with fresh puréed tomato, sal and olive oil).

This is the street right outside the bar. How beautiful is the light here? I just point the camera aim, and Madrid does the rest. These next coupe photos are of a gental stroll through the neighborhood and Plaza de Dos de Mayo.

I love the colors of the buildings and even though it would drive me crazy to have such a small balcony, they add such charm.

We started walking toward Chambrí where we wanted to do more errands and have lunch.

We discovered another museum. We didn't feel inclined to go in due to time, but we will put the museum on the list for later. The outside is certainly pretty.

Sigh I love the doors of Europe.

And, look what I found! An Ikea add that features knitting on the night stand! 

We finished up the mornings walk at Tierra Burrito Bar, which is an American style build-your-own-Burrito bar, be still my beating heart, with four kinds of salsa and a good selection of beers from around the world (all of which is rare in Madrid). It did not occur to me until now that I had not had a burrito that I had not made since I was in Canada in July. Oh how my life has changed.

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  1. How cozy and sweet and rich is your life Kay ! You have all the ingredients to cook up the best of happiness ! :)