Monday, May 13, 2013

Plymouth part 3

The next days was our to explore the town.

We went down through part of the Barbican, and around the dock yard.

We were heading to the Aquarium

Which was surrounded on both sides by water.

It was a very nice aquarium and we learned and saw many things.

Then we set out for the dead center of the Barbican to find the Elizabethan Gardens. Which is a tiny, multi-level garden planted in Elizabethan times and not only preserved but open to the public regularly.

They were very charming. I wish we could live there.


  1. Thanks for these Plymouth photos.

  2. Kay, I loved the pictures of Plymouth. I too, love England. I'm sorry your husband didn't get the job. I was starting to think about ferries from Plymouth to France, and that you could come over for a visit. Plymouth looks like a lovely town. I'm sure you'll find another interesting place to live, though. Keep us posted.