Wednesday, May 15, 2013

San Isidro

Every providence in Spain has there own Festiva, their own Saint's day. Madrids is today, May 15th San Isidro (Spanish link). This ex-pat's blog goes into way more detail than I will, and is in English, so if you are curious to know more, go have a look.

I am not going to go downtown today, as there is a metro strike. But what I will bring to you are some photos I just went across the street to my park and shyly snapped. There are not up to my usual standards, but this is a very small barrio festival, and while I spotted one other foreigner  I was the only one taking pictures. I am lucky enough to live directly across from a beautiful park, Parque de Calero Where this is taking place. I can not help but to hear the festival music drifting through my balcony door. Oh and did I mention that it smells like sweet roasted nuts and smoked sausage, num.

I went, took some photos, and a small video of the small parade and came home. Maybe later I will venture and try some of the food and buy some crafty things.

There are beer tents

A dragon gards overs the tapas and sausages for sale

Fun for the kids too

Another beer tent with hanging jamón and sausages

Booths with crafts, food, and liquor for sale

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