Friday, November 22, 2013

A day in Retiro

A many of you might know Madrid has a huge park in the center, kind of like Central Park in New York City. Javi and I do not go there often enough.  We went a week or so ago to try and catch the last vestige of the fall color.

I also wore the saddle-shoulder cabled cardigan I had made almost three years ago in hopes of getting better pictures of it. I am not sure that they are the best photos ever, but it was fun to play model in the park. The pattern I roughly followed is the Aran Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman, it is the January pattern in the knitters Almanac. I need to try putting in the zipper again, because it does not sit right. The sweater is a little large on me, but full of cabley goodness. For those of you with a Ravelry account my project notes are here. (Click to enlarge)

We decided we wanted to go to the Crystal Palace next to see what was exhibited there. There is always an exception, and they are always strange, and free. The Palacio Crystal is an elegant structure made out of glass. According to my quick internet search it was "It was built in 1887 to exhibit flora and fauna from the Philippines." It is an elegant piece coved with frescos.

And the pond it sits behind is always elegant, especially in the fall.

 The exhibit took us several minutes to figure it out, we finally had to go and get a pamphlet explaining the exhibit. The "piece" is the walk way shown below. The purpose was to elevator the walker to see a different view of the place that had never been seen before. It was great fun to hear the comments that people were making. Especially the older Spaniards.

Have you been to Retiro park in fall?


  1. The sweater looks lovely on you ! Wait, no... you look lovely in it ! (there, that's better!) Madrid is so like Napa, peak color now .

    1. Thank you Jen! My mom is from the Bay area and when we compare notes it is obvious that California has a mediterranean climate. There is the dry season, and the wet season. ;)

  2. What a lovely park! The fall colors are spectacular. The Crystal Palace looks amazing too. I recently listened to a podcast about the Crystal Palace in London, which is gone now. You did a fabulous job on the cables sweater! Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I am working on a vest with a cable panal now, but I might need to try another al over cable. Maybe in fingering weight yarn because I am crazy. :)
      I imagine that the Crystal Palace was larger in London. Luckily in the Madrid one there is nothing to burn...except the new pathway. ;)