Thursday, March 6, 2014


So for a while there life got really slow and full of colds, bad weather and a general "blah" feeling. Then life was very busy with two trips, one to London, and one to Barcelona. This year seems to be shaping up to be a year of traveling in Europe! My husband has a lot of business trips this year and I am tagging along for as many as I can. Soon we will travel to Montpellier France, and in next months I will possibly be accompanying him to Bern and Prague. 

Since these trips are for business for my spouse I am finding myself wandering through these cities alone, and let me tell you, it is amazing what you can learn about yourself and others by wandering a foreign country by yourself! My last two trips were in countries where I am fairly comfortable with the language. I wonder what insights my up and coming trip to France will bring. I know only a very little of French. I am trying to fit an hour a day of French into my schedule and I am hoping that will help smooth the travel. 

I hope that all of this travel can lead to this finally being the year where we find a permanent home. Fingers crossed? 

Anyway let's go back in time... to February 17th and I will show you some sights from our first day of a four day trip to Europe's largest city.

Day one we both had most of the day together. We made our way slowly to the British Museum walking through the streets, gleefully taking pictures and try not to pass people on the wrong side. 

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a bit of an Anglophile. In Spain when when you ask people who have traveled to the US "What was it like?" they usually answer with "it was just like the movies!" I feel the same way about England. The streets, the houses, the pubs, the chimneys really do look like your favorite movie or series.  

This park:

Had this sign. Which of course made me immediately want to go in, even though the park was not terribly exciting.

We arrived at one of the best Museums in the world (and it is free) and made our way into it's hallowed halls.

It is easy to get overwhelmed there. There are so many people and so many things to see from so many different civilizations.  We went immediately up to the Egyptian section, and the crowds were unreal. So we retreated back to the first floor, saw some middle eastern art. Then we left for some lunch and a rest and came back to see the statues. Here is when we finally had the courage to take out the camera. Does any one else still feel badly about taking photos in a museum (without flash)? Or does this date me?

The Babylonian section was awe inducing and also very gory, especially if you are a lion.

Next: pieces from the Parthenon 

 I want to say these were Turkish? But I was getting over whelmed by the sheer size, beauty, information of the museum at this point...

...As you can tell by this picture of me goofing off. 
(Posting this is going to end up being a mistake and will be the only image google will show of me when people look for Kaystir.)

 The real Rosetta stone was hard to see for the crowds, but there is a replica in their "Enlightenment room" - which you can even touch!

We came out around dusk and wandered down to China town for a bite to eat. 

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