Thursday, October 27, 2011

In between

There is a Spanish gesture/sound that is a shrug/explosive sigh that would make a perfect start to this post. It basically means "what are you gong to do about it?"

I have not posted in some weeks because it has been SOME (intense) weeks. I think every single Spanish virus has found a home with me during the past three weeks. In between the bouts I have running around trying to get my residency paperwork in order, and of course, studying Spanish like mad.

I have gotten some crafty things done. I finished a par of fingerless mitts I designed for my husband. The black/white/gray yarn is Zuaberball and I was told it was impossible to do a matching project with it because the repeats are not regular. The husband and I discussed this, and he was ok with the concept. So I knitted the white one first, and then we discussed it again, this time with me pointing out that the second one was going to go to black. He said that was, again, fine. To sum up, it was too black. you can not really see the pattern. I have no idea why I stubbornly finished it, probably to ill to think straight, I mean I needed good light to be able to see the different between the yarns!
I went to the next gray/white bit in the yarn and was determined to knit a mitt at least more white. I do not have a picture of this (as it is finally cold and the mitts are now in rotation) but you can take my word for it, they are exactly the same now! Complete twins! We have decided to keep the black one as a single mitt, just in case one of the others is lost.

I think that they turned out well, and the pattern and colors are suitably manly. I love the combination of stranded color knitting and sock weight yarns for hand wear. The resulting product is super warm, lightweight, durable, easily washable, and artistic.

I spun with a project it mind. I have never tried to spin to gauge (tension) before, it did not turn out well. I ended up knitting the project in something else (pictures when blocked). Now I need to find a project for Aran weight yarn - about 150 yards.

This is a brown merino top that I ordered from a Spanish shop I found online  Tejo lo que Hilo which basically means "I knit what I spin". They also stock Spanish Merino from there which I was excited to find. I will do a post about it another day, but Merino Sheep originated from Spain, so the fact I can get this fiber "from the source" gives me a thrill.

(One further note, it is so weird to have a Euro coin giving my yarn some scale. FYI this is about the size of the US nickel.)
I did go out some the past couple of weeks. This photo was too good not to take. I live in the part of town considered to have the most English/USAmerican/Irish immigrants, and therefore I have a lot of Irish bar around me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they sell half pints! Look a Guinness had a baby.
Fun Spanish fact: Behind the beers, noticed that there is small plates of food. Here in Spain, if you order a drink you get something free to nibble on too. That is how Tapas started out.

This might have been one of the last night we were able to sit outside to enjoy beer, the weather has changed to cold and rainy.

I know these pictures are random, but they are from different days.
This was taken when I was downtown trying to sort out my paperwork for my Residency card.

Living in one of the biggest European cities, the fashion, and shopping scene here is just amazing. I have seen mothers that look like they just walked out of a fashion magazine just to walk their kids in the stroller! The verity of things you can buy is amazing too, but some of them are just SO over the top, you have to take a picture.
May I present knit and leather squirrel bag with floral and grape embellishments?

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