Sunday, October 2, 2011

Viaje al campo - Primero parte

This Saturday my husband and I paid to go on a tour. We learned many things on Saturday, including the reminder that we are not people that enjoy tours HAHA. However, we got a lot of beautiful photos and learned more about the general area of Spain we live live in. I will probably blog about this thrip in three parts because of all of the photos.

Part one: Campaspero: café y calizas

We got on the bus at around 8am, and then rode two hours into Castilla y León, (past Segovia) and stopped in small town called Campaspero for coffee. 

The bus ride was not one I wanted to repeat....let us just say we were lucky enough to sit in front of the kid who got car sick... a lot. We got off the bus and were greeted with this very charming view of the cafe. The only tiny problem is that this town was downwind from a pig farm, after the last two hours it was the last thing I wanted to smell.

(All descriptions are above each picture in this post.)

The little town was very photogenic and charming though.

Please note the white color of the stone facades of the houses for later.

There was a little market selling, shoes, fruit, fabric, rolled plastic sheeting, and garments.

This totally looked like a Spanish typical town square to me.

That was the name of the cafe across the street, so this was the old location. This view is very small town Spain.

I wanted to capture the landscape from the bus, occasionally I could believe I was in the SW of the US or Kansas, and then I would see an old ruined building.

Our next stop was a quarry calizas means rocks formed from calcium.

Apparently this whole area is this stone. A nice hard white rock that cuts easily and cleanly. Through out Spain they use this rock for the facades of buildings. Remember the photos of the town?

The middle of Spain used to be under several large lakes. This stone was formed from the skeletons of a lot of microorganisms. Also interesting to note, the whole Iberian peninsula tipped down and that is why the lakes drained away.

Now this stone is big business for Spain....

and make some pretty buildings. Next up:Castilla de Peñafiel.

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