Monday, October 10, 2011

Monasterio de Santa María de Valbuena

Part three of my trip on Oct 1st. 
As I went around exploring a new park yesterday I realized that I had not yet written part three of last weekend's trip. I think part of the reason I put off this post, is that I did not understand this guides talk at all. Monasteries are very echoey places and he was speaking in a low tone; which is good to convey reverance, but not to talk to tour groups of 60 people one of whom (yours truly) needs things spoken loudly  slowly, and well annunciated. Since I did not learn much this post will be mostly pictures of pretty stone work. This monastery dates back to the 13th century and there has been a lot of repairs over the years. If you look closely at the pictures (click to enlarge) you can see the difference between the repairs and the original work.

This is one of the most emotional charged carving I have ever seen

I love buttresses 

You know where these rocks came from

I loved this courtyard that stone wrok details were amazing, and different. Not al lot of effort was put in to make things match.

There was old painting on the ceilings. Apparently these were no original because they had they painting style of a later century.

Have I mentioned how I love the light here?

Best things about Monasteries are the gargoyles! Check out the rain pipe in the corner. Also the fact that both of those stone faces are looking at each other.
Look at the face in the middle, was it worn away with time or is it suposed to be a skull? Also you can see that two of the carvings are completely gone, while the one on the far right is newer.

More paintings

Mysterious stairway

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