Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BCN love story Part II

A picture post with more Barcelona for you to enjoy.

 I was pointing out the beautiful frescos on the wall when I noticed that this is also a museum.
 The most famous market in the city.
 The sign is sooo pretty.
 A peek inside the market.
 How cool is it that they built this building like this so that you have a view of the gothic tower beyound?
 I LOVE the use of tile in this town! I need to do more research to see if Gaudí started it or was just continuing it.
 More tiles from the same famous pastry shop. It was so pretty and smelled like warm chocolate pastry.
 This fountain thing (Spanish link) is to commemorate that the old wall of Barcelona used to stand here. There are pieces that of the roman walls that still stand, but this is a plaque saying that here stood a door to the med-evil wall, built in the 13th century. What I am unsure of it wether or not the bricks surrounding this are part of the wall. My guess is that they are.
 We went To see an Belén exposition, and then the four of us (MIL and SIL, DH and I) went to have Spanish hot chocolate and Chorros (or for my friends Stateside melted candy bar in a cup and Chorros).  It was really good, and this is the tile address plaque of the restaurant (where you can read some Catalan). I know about 5 words in Catalan and Cream (nata) and Chocolate (xocolata) are two of them, what does that say about me?
A very cool scissor display.

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  1. What do they display in an erotic museum? I think Gaudi was continuing/expanding on an existing tradition. Looking at your post I was like "Gaudi! I love Gaudi! Art nouveau! I love art nouveau1 Pastry! I love pastry! Fountains and tiles! I love fountains and tiles!"
    Rebecca and I were looking at some Christmas Carols in Catalan and it was...interesting. I could kind of understand some of it and then all of a sudden I couldn't.