Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis the season

On Sunday DH and I went out with our friend Sarah to see the decorations and do some window shopping.

Look what we found!:

Peat! Apparently sold for the nativity scenes, or Belens. They really take it seriously here. We saw a beautiful one last night, but sadly there is no pictures as I though it impolite to play tourist in the midst of such faith.

 Sarah found some Mistletoe in the Peat boxes! I must have lived a sheltered life because I have never seen Mistletoe in person before!

There is a plant stand across from the Barnabeau that I love to walk by. They always have such wonderful displays! Their Christmas display is no disappointment (this is just part of it).

I love these little cactus Santas!

Usually these "signs" just have advertisement posters facing three sides, but yesterday we discovered that they all had Christmas trees, how cool!

Down the middle of the Castellana (big street) there is a open air (Christmas?) market.

 There is the famous Jamon, a salted pig that 90% of Spaniards love. You can see half a dozen of these legs in any local market, as well as the already thinly sliced product (which you can see displayed on the wall).

Two welcoming holiday figures welcome you to the Nuevos Ministerios plaza.

I do not think this last picture was ment to be holiday oriented, but I am going to include it anyway.

OK I am off to Barcelona for my first holiday with the in-laws (and some yarn shopping).

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful week/holiday!

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  1. SErIouSly wonderful your life in Spain is. So, you've never seen mistletoe? Here in Northern California it grows prolific on trees (mostly oaks) and in fact there's a bushel growing up in the oak right outside our door. I'd send you some, but it's illegal I've heard, to send plants overseas. Oh well. Happy Christmas !