Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Germany part 3

So later that same Saturday with the Alpacas we wandered into Irsee to have lunch near the Monastery /Brewery.

Again everything was as picturesque as we could hope, down to the painting of the monk looking out of the window on the brewery's wall.

An old style map of the town on the brewery's wall. I do not remember what one of us was pointing out. You can read the German if you click to enlarge the photo.

The front of the monastery in all of it's glory.

One of the cute paths that cuts through town, and an inkling of how riotous the flowers were in the gardens.

Then back to the Ren Fair for the second night. Really if I am to be candid, the fair was for me a place to have beer, talk with new friends and, and look at the beautiful medieval village. I am making this disclaimer because I have a feeling that I am not going into as much detail of the Ren Fair as some people might hope me to.

Spanish banners abound. Ok I think maybe it had to do with the two of the colors of the German flag, but you have to admit, they are the colors of the Spanish flag too.

Here are some banners in the Bavarian colors, colors which made more sense to me.

A beer tent, and a little alley way. It is a dark photo, but give you a sense of how there were booths tucked into every corner of this twisty medieval town.

On this night we climbed the hill all the way to the top, and we were able to look out over the red-tiled roofs of the town.

This next picture is dark, but I include it because over to the far left of the picture you can see a Farris wheel, and that was near to the huge beer-garden that they also set up for the festival. We did not get a chance to visit it, there was so many things to see in the town itself.

On the top of the hill there was a beer-garden, and some boys playing with fire. Every now and then they would set off this small cannon. You see that there is a table in the front of the picture? That was our table and we needed to abandon it and stand near the trees while the set the cannon off. You could really tell that they were enjoying every minute of it. It was kinda cool.

Quick tip, if you are ever by a cannon and it is going to go off do two things: cover your ears and keep your mouth open. The ears are for the obvious reason, the mouth open is because the sound wave of the cannon is so low that not having your mouth open could damage your ears too. I am very glad that we had a translator to tell us that.

A parade of drummers. There were various parades also going by, and dancing or fencing matches breaking out in little plazas. All in all this was the experience of a lifetime, and I will always remember and cherish this weekend.

So this is not the last post in the German series. Tomorrow is our day trip to Munich.

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  1. RENNY FAIR !!! We have those here too. I use to love them. Thanks for the tip about opening my mouth next time around a canon going off... that makes a lot of sense actually.