Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LLama adventure - Germany

One of the thing that our gracious host found for us was the existence of a Llama farm nearby Irsee. I will always be grateful for this experience. 
(Thank you Gray!)

As you will see in the pictures that day was unbelievably pretty. Going for a stroll in that beautiful countryside around quaint villages and a roman tower with these unusual beasts (for the area) made it even more like a fairy tale then the day before. This might sound silly, but I believe that this hike will bond the 6 of us for all of time. If nothing more then with the memory of this perfect afternoon.

We were of course visiting the llamas because of  Chrome64's and my addiction to wool. These animals have soft and silky hair that is very nice to spin and knit with. Yes there was yarn in the owners store, and yes we did buy some. 
Look at the gray baby below, how awesome would a blanket be in those colors?

Just look at that dog, he was having the best time. Would that we all would love our jobs that much.

A view of the quint villages in the distance, and the rolling hills of wildflowers.

My Llama companion's (shown here with a rare photo of me on the blog) name is Tatio. I have some of his fleece, I need to process it and turn it into something wonderful. Also for those of you wondering I did speak Spanish to him, he is from Chile, but it did not strengthen our bond as I had hoped. Maybe he was judging my grammer.

A house we past on our way.I walked the llama most of the time while DH was the trip's photographer, but sometimes we switched tasks.

Sigh, Barvaria in the summer time, just look at that sky! And the weather was perfect. Although I am wearing a wool sweater I made.

My first real view of the Alps! They are majestic as I dared hope for. You see what I mean, with scenes like this it is easy to think that you are in a dreamland.

Here is a photo of all of the llamas as seen from the top of a local Roman tower. 

Ahh Barvaria home of potential some of my ancestors, you have captured my heart with your beauty.

Tomorrow more Ren Fair pictures, and then Munich.

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  1. Alpacas ! So demure and rascally sweet. (dh or alpacas?) ;) Oh, and I was *wondering* about the beautiful green sweater !!!! Alps, beautiful.