Monday, July 2, 2012

A pictorial walk through the NE part of Retiro

DH and I went out to lunch last weekend at the best Indian food that we have found in Madrid. Then afterwards we decided to walk it off in the Parque de Buen Retiro. Now this park is huge, I man HUGE. But I am not sure we really comprehended the fact that we have walked in it for several day trips and had no idea this section existed. We started out in the section were the ruined church was transported (in the NE corner) and then we walked South.

This book commemorates the book fair that happens every year in Madrid.

There was a part with these charming tiles.

As well as charming mosaics.

A gigantic creepy elf statue, and I think that this is where it started. What I mean is that the garden started taking on an Alice and Wonderland vibe.

There is this pit to commemorate that there used to be a zoo here. They have an iron cut out and a plaque for every type of animal that they used to have. You see the arbors in the distance? That is the path you need to take to get to Wonderland.

The tree started to take odd shapes.

Ok this is a nice touch. This is where you can leave books for other people to read, a book donation station.

And this is the garden that really reminds me of the Red Queen's garden.

It is a stunningly beautiful section of the park, and remarkably not crowded for a Saturday afternoon.

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  1. It looks like a lovely walk. Thanks for sharing the pictures.