Friday, September 28, 2012

A park, a Cathedral and a Moorish wall walked into a bar.

Greetings from rainy Madrid. It is, as the British would say, bucketing down out there. I am not sure how this effects my plans to go to Segovia tomorrow to go to a museum and do more research on the history of spinning in Spain....
However these pictures were taken from last weekend, when it was hot and sunny. Fall is definitely upon us. This will be another picture heavy post.

The park next to the Basilica from yesterday's post.

A charming view of the Southern part of the city over tiled rooftops.

I do not take many pictures of the working class neighborhoods, and I will try to take more.

I love the name "Santa Maria de la cabeza" (Saint Mary of the head).

This is the Catedral de Almudena, and that old wall below it is was part of the wall around the city when the Moors were in charge.

In front of that wall there is a small Moorish park,

with an awesome six pointed star fountain.

It only takes about 10 minutes walking to reach the other side of the wall. It is astounding to think how big Madrid now versus then. This Northern part of the wall is partly excavated, below ground and covered with glass. For those of those of you that know Madrid a little this part is very close to the Opera.

Looking up from the wall (you can see the glass barriers surrounding it).

I love the name of this street "Street of the Embroiderers", and sure enough there are two women working on a quilt.

When you are downtown you have to look everywhere, even up.

This is the Plaza de Cibeles. The Statue/fountain of a queen being pulled in a chariot by two lions is one of the most represented symbols of Madrid. Since it is in a busy roundabout it is hard to get good pictures.


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    1. Thank you. It is amazing what one can do with a camera phone these days. It does help that Madrid is photogenic.

  2. Oh, so Autumn has come to Spain before it has come to Northern California ! Lucky you ! Hot and dry here. Yuck. I love the things you point out here... 'street of the embroiders' .. really? And that is so great that you are going to be researching the history of spinning in Spain. You are very deep and will contribute greatly there I just have a hunch ! Heck, all ya gotta do is 'busque' by sitting on a street corner with a basket and your spindle, and you could either meet new spinners, or make a bunch of money... or both ! ;) (don't listen to me, I'm seriously goofy) lol

    1. HAHA Busking! No I am finding information, it is just that sometimes I need to dig deep for it. I have several museums in Spain I have already earmarked, and I will try those first.