Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kinnearing Madrid

To  Kinnear is to take a photo on the sly, without others knowing. It can be rather fun activity. Mostly it is fun because when the camera is so far away from you face it is hard to judge what is a straight shot and if you are in fact taking a picture of the object that you desire.

I have discovered that in it's cover and with my headphones attached my Iphone makes a very good Kinnearing device.

 I have left these pictures unedited, and un-straightened to give you idea of the difficulties of Kinnearing. I took pictures as I walked mostly, and I walk kind of fast which leads to the camera not having time to focus, but some of them came out. I took more pictures then are shown here, I deleted the blurry ones.

This is my walk to the park. Madrid seems empty for two reasons: One humans move a lot making the pictures blurry, and two I have a healthy respect for other privacy.

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