Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The other day I got the chance to go to Faunia. A "different" type zoo in the South-East of the city. It was a new area of the city for me, and very different looking from the other areas of Madrid.

 I am still not used to the fact that I live in a place where palm trees can flourish.

At first my Husband and I could not figure out what made Faunia such a different zoo. To our eyes it was a very artfully arranged, but small zoo. It is a zoo where you can "experience" a lot of the animals habitats. You have a butterfly house, a monkey house, a tropical area where parrots fly, a "cave of silent shadows" where you can see the night animals.

This is all well and good, but how is it different? Finally I think I might have found the answer. This zoo was very simular to the zoos that I have seen all over North America (yes, I am including the two I have seen in Canada).

They display the animals in a natural habitat that offers the animals a pace to hide, if they want it, but a clear view for the spectators.

I am starting to be worried as to what a standard European zoo is like. I have only ever seen the Barcelona zoo, and lets just say that it could do with a lot of remodeling. When I saw it it more resembled a jail for some of the animals.

The weather is cooling off, so we had a nice day outside and Faunia was a pleasant way to sped the day. I would warn people to go with a discount of some kind, like we did, because at €25 a person the ticket price is a little steep. Also the line took forever so get there with plenty of time.

There is also soothing music play at all times in parts of the park, which does makes this zoo unique to me, at least in that sense.

The coolest part, that should NOT be missed is deep below the "Tropical Jungle" exibit, where you can see Manatees and giant fish swim above you as you walk through a tunnel under the water.

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