Friday, December 21, 2012


One day last week I experienced the magic of Christmas for the first time this season. I had had the brillant idea of listening to Christmas music while on my crowded one hour and three train metro comute to work. It was wonderful. With the sound track of the holidays playing the metro was transformed from a dirty tube crowded with hot and cranky people into a cheerful and bright place.

But best of all? I was listen to the Waltz of the Flowers from nutcracker when I emerged from the bowels of the metro station to find the Telefonicas' campus transformed into a winter wonderland of lights.

 There were deer and snowmen in amongst the trees. 

Even the magnolias trees were hung with lights. There were santas scattered around, and even a huge Christmas tree made completely out of white lights that twinkled with every movement. (Sorry there are no pictures of that - it was too dark. For those of you wondering, I took these at about 8:20 and no sun yet.)

Belén's are springing up everywhere. Belén literally means Bethlehem in Spanish, it is also a popular girls name and what they call the naivety scenes. There are some spectacular ones. Some are impressive and made of rock or wood with huge figures taller then a man. Some are so tiny and detailed you know that they are done by an artist. (I will endeavor to take some around the city soon, now that I am on break and have more time.) 
But I think the most charming things about the Beléns is that there are supplies to build them popping up in stores and Christmas markets everywhere, and that every other store seems to have one. There is always a little surprise in each one. This one was in a window of an insurance agent.

Do you see the Caganer?

Do you see the woman at her spinning wheel?

Another magical thing about December is that all of the woolly fashion is coming out in the stores and out of closets, because baby, it's cold outside.
I'll admit to Kinnearing these photos on or around the metro.

This first one was of a woman that had the most beautiful coat on. It was black wool with silk (?) ribbon embroidery making colorful flower shapes. I only got the corner of her coat here, but I think that it gives ou an idea of the splendor.

This next one was new for me: a sheepskin coat with the wool still on it. Even though I felt the usual revolution at the fact that she was wearing fur, I was fascinated by the concept and maybe a little intrigued. Talk about "in sheep's clothing" (she cut me off on the way in and out of the metro).

Then there are the sweaters for sale in the shops. There are so many. I really only take pictures of the ones that I like or hate. I really need to put together a blog post just about them.

This one was the ugliest sweater/outfit that I have ever seen. Maybe an example of why not to do intarsia with "fashion" yarn?

This one is a beautiful fair-isle (or stranded) yoked sweater, but  the neck was drawn in with a rather thick I-cord. Looking at it I still can not tell you wether I love it or hate it. It is certainly an inventive idea.

 I hope the holiday spirt is with you too!

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