Monday, December 10, 2012

Plaza de Colón

Things have been so busy since moving and starting a new job that I forgot to post these pictures I took of Plaza de Colón on November 21st just before my Campaña de la Lana photos. I had always seen Colón out of the window of the bus, and I have even explored the other side once, but I had never been to this side.

This building represents what I love about Madrid. Old stately buildings right next to modern ones. This one can be found on Calle de Génova at the entrance to Plaza de Cólon.

On the West side of the plaza this lady is to be found. By Fernando Botero "A Woman with a Mirror".

(Which has been a subject of yarn bombing in the past:)

 Then if you look above and beyond the woman you see the statue of Columbus, or Cólon in Spanish. Remember that Queen Isabella was the one that funded his fateful journey across the ocean. I believe that there is still debate about which country he is from, but I know that there is no debate in Spain. He is Spanish here.

To the right (or South) of the Cólon statue is the National library.

To the left (North) is one of the many angels that decorate the rooftops of Madrid.

To the West (and to one side of the Botero is again, that clash of old meeting new...

....and to the right of that is a small, cute, little, guardhouse?

The trees down the center of the Paseo de la Castellana were stately showing their fall glory...

while the buildings of the Salamanca barrio were harmonizing with the autumn colors.

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  1. Another great post about Madrid. I need to visit some day.

    Is the weather there cooling off? We had snow here yesterday, so now it feels like Christmas.