Saturday, December 22, 2012

Making holiday decorations

Since I have been the crafty holiday mood I thought that I would share some of them with you. 

A quick note to say that I did take some xmas ornaments with me when I moved to Spain, but they are few, and in a very nicely packed box. Currently I really do not know where that box is. I am just glad that I have them for later. 

This xmas we have a real tree for the first time, which means that it is really small, because it is a potted plant. We hope to have it for many years.

So in order to decorate said tree, I got two tubes of small ornamental bulbs. They were very cheap looking so I also bought some glitter glue and had some fun with it. It was a couple of weeks before I remembered that I also had acrylic paint (see the White tree and "s" below).

 Then I of course, used both at the same time.

And I could not just leave the tree up there all alone so I made a winter wonderland below complete with giant balls of yarn...

using some of my characters from a unsuccessful diorama.

Then I broke out the bigger ornaments.

I of course got bored with the paint and glitter, and started to try and incorporate yarn.

Then I made decorative yarn ball ornaments.

Then I wrapped the cheap plastic ornaments in ribbon yarn.

 Here are the bigger ornaments on display at the window.

And the free standing felt tree now lives with some felted critters I made (and a stone zebra I did not).

What are you doing to decorate this year? Anything crafty?
The next thing I need is a garland, because I have company coming this year!

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  1. Kaystir I JUST LOVE your decorative xmas balls!!! You really do shine (estrella brillante) in this area. I jsut love the yarn glued on the balls too. So, I challenge you . how about an entirely felted nativity scene? Love the wee tree. I can see you're enjoying yourself this Christmas.