Thursday, December 5, 2013

A fall juant - Quinta de la fuente del berro

There is a romantic style garden near my house that I have only been to 3 times despite having lived here for over a year now. It is a problem of distance. It is far enough from home that it seems like a long distance to walk to, and then go exploring in the gardens, but too close to pay to take public transport. It is a good way to get in a 6.5km walk though and I am going to try and go more often. 

If you would like to see some pictures of this park in the Spring, here is the last blog post I did about this park. 

Here in Madrid we are still in the final stages of autumn, even in early December.

This garden is not as grand as most I have been to, but it is still a reminder of the sense of past us US citizens crave. As I walked through the park today I wondered: "would this garden's historical features have been more impressive to me if I was just here for a visit? Am I starting to get used to seeing old buildings and that has taken away their impactOr maybe becoming accustomed to the Europe-ness of my surroundings makes me now better able to single out the things of great beauty?" Food for thought. What do you think?

Talking about great beauty, this Gingko tree was straight from a fairy tale. It is really hard to get a picture that capture's it's beauty. It's golden leaves and the way that they fell 'just so' on the lush green grass underneath, made the whole journey more than worth it. I was not the only one it affected, there was a man walking my way who kept glancing back. I thought that he was waiting for a dog, but I never saw one.

Those rich people knew how to construct even their gardener's huts with style.

That antenna is one of the more recognizable in Madrid. Sometimes when I am across the city and I see it I realize just how small the footprint of Madrid is compared to some US cities.

What you can not tell from these photos is that it is so cold there is frost on the ground in the shade, yet the roses still bloom.

Madrid really has two seasons: hot & dry, and cold & wet. 

So there was my walk for this morning. Excuse well I go get out my dye-pot and get to work.

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