Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cagatío - holiday felts

My holiday themed felting continues today with a Cagatío. A Cagatío is a Catalonian tradition that I am fascinated with, and apparently I am not alone. If this post peaks your interest go and read this blog post too, I highly recommend it.

A Cagatío is a log with a face painted on it. Usually standing on 2-4 legs and wearing a traditional Catalonian hat. The condensed version of what it is (really go and read that blog post) is that you feed the log all through the season and it grows and grows. Then when they big day arrives the children beat the log with a stick until it poops presents. (There are songs and everything.) Putting aside the message that it is ok to beat something you have cared for for a month, it is a great idea! The growing log, and the pooing of presents creates an air of magic around the season, and the energetic whacking is sure to make the kids have a calm afternoon.

To be clear these are only really found in Catalonia. It is the Spanish side of my family who introduced me to them. Sadly they are not something readily available here in Madrid.

If I were to make this over again I would have made the legs thinner, to make them appear more stick-like and less log-like.

Do you celebrate any unusual holiday traditions?


  1. Oh Em Gee.... the Caga Tio has *got* to be the single most bizarre tradition I have *ever* heard. Kay, power to you for making it seem so cool and cute. You are truly en entertainer ! (Felted puppets Caga Tio puppet show?) :) xx

  2. Hahah Cagatio is the craziest thing ever. I remember this Youtube video that I played a few times for my family, who were all utterly bemused: