Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday spirt

I am starting to get into the holiday spirt, are you?

I am wondering if I should give my self a another challenge and make a holiday themed felted creature a day. Kind of like a mini advent calendar. (Mini because I am starting late.) I made these two guys today.

 For the moose I decided that if I am going to go cartoon, I should go all the way and experiment with yarn legs. Everyone knows that moose have long straggly legs, why not triple up some handspun, attach it to the body and felt a hoof on the other end? I have to say, I love the effect!

Next up is one on my "sheep nuggets" with a Catalonian type hat on.

And just for fun I bought a new home for María, José, and Jesus. I made them last year. Read about it here. It gives them a more solemn air. I'll bet that makes my friend Susana happy. ;)

What are you making for the holidays?


  1. Weeeeee ! I love, love, love your advent project... felted Christmas critters !!! Me? Oh, I dunno... things just become what they want to be, before I really know what they're suppose to be, they're done (because they usually tell me so, and if I argue and knit further, those are times I have to rip back). Oh , I guess a lot like needle felting? :) xx

  2. Except in needle felting it is easier to rip back! :)