Thursday, June 23, 2011

El Dia Corpus Cristi

So today is my first 'holiday' in Spain. I put the holiday in quotation marks because I have heard from various sources it is just an excuse to have the day off. It is not a national holiday but it does effect my providence of Madrid. For those of you who may not know Madrid is a city in a providence called Madrid. Just like for NYC you can have New York, New York, you also can have Madrid, Madrid.
The holiday does not effect me much as my work-o-holic husband is working at the office today anyway. So I am doing my usual thing of, looking for a job, cleaning, laundry, and putting in a couple hours of Spanish. It is actually really nice to have some sort of routine again my life has been so topsy turvey lately.

Today I am going to do a pretty post and talk about my Park. I live within a reasonable walking distance of  El Parque de Berlin. The park is not surprisingly a park dedicated to the city of Berlin, Germany. As the park is within walking distance to the local German school I am sure there is some interesting history that ties everything together, but maybe more on that another day.

This park is a good size, pleasant, hilly, and green with fountains, basketball/futbol courts, and plenty of benches. There are nice bars with plenty of outside seating on one side of the park, and a bar even in the park itself (Madrid has a crazy number of bars).  But by the far the coolest thing about this park, it is thing that strikes you first as unimpressive:

I need a closer shot of the fountain one day. But it is just three cement slabs with graffiti on them. Very ugly at first glance. However, when you read the plaque in front of them they become suddenly valuable, beautiful and poignant.

Can you guess what they are?

Pieces of the wall, the Berlin Wall.
See what I mean?

The area around the Berlin Wall fountain is Very pleasant to sit with lots of chestnut trees, pines, magnolias, and roses. I am very happy to live near such a beautiful park.

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