Wednesday, June 22, 2011


MAD 147 by kaydelbarco
MAD 147, a photo by kaydelbarco on Flickr.

The longest that I have even been in Spain was one month. A good percentage of my long term vacations have been in Spain. To me Spain=vacation. I kept wondering when it is going to hit me that I live here yet?  Oddly enough it turns out that it was a time thing. It hit me yesterday as I crossed the one month time limit.

Our minds are so odd, you know? You would have thought that the fact that I have my pets here, I do all of my shopping, I have done mountains of paperwork, I have an apartment, a cell phone,  that all of those mundane things would have been the trigger for the understanding to finally hit my brain. I mean it really would have not surprised me if buying toilet paper for the first time would have been the trigger! And maybe that is the hear of the issue right there. Every time I have been to Spain I have been surround by my Spanish family. Before this move I have gone and bought groceries and toilet paper. I have only ever spent  one night in a hotel in Spain and that was a foggy memory due to too much Sangria.

This whole move has been so much of a whirlwind from the beginning, that there has not been much time to think.

I have been so restless that I have not been able to sit still long, even now I just feel the need to MOVE. Which is bad as I need to spend some serious time with the internet today and find a job.

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  1. Man, that is much nicer than US government buildings.