Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stuffing my head

This week for me has been really, really full of un-tangible stuff.
I mean how does one mark progress in a new language on a daily basis? It is really not possible. 
I am also busy applying for jobs.

One bright note on DH's job front is that we will be able to call Madrid home for a longer than we originally expected. This is GREAT news. I have been moving around too much, I need to, long to, put down roots.

I have not had much opportunity to explore my new city on my own recently, but I wanted to post, so here are some photos form a couple weeks back.


One of the unexpected pleasures of Madrid is Atocha station. Here you can get trains to almost anywhere is Spain. My DH found this treasure when he first came to Madrid from Barcelona about 10 years ago. All of the trains now run underground, so what to do with the old train station building with all of it's windows?

Build an indoor garden with street lights, walkways, and a pond for the turtles in the back.

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