Saturday, July 2, 2011

A walk through Barrio de Los Austrias

For those of you that do not know (I certainly did not) Madrid is split up into "Barrios"or neighborhoods. You do most of your errands and shopping within your own neighborhood. (I am sure it is the same for many big cities, this is however the first big city I have ever lived in.)
This is a very brief photo tour of a small part of Barrio de Los Austrias, which is he neighborhood around the "La Latina" Metro stop. An awesome friend of mine set up a photo scavenger hunt for me, and it has been helping me get out and see parts of the city that I might not have seen otherwise for years. This neighborhood was very charming. A lot of Madrid's building are just not that old. This neighborhood was not only very photogenic, but had a graceful antique air about it.

Príncipe de Anglona Garden, an 18th century Count's courtyard that was part of the scavenger hunt. As it is completely walled you have to either know that it is there or stumble across the one entrance during opening hours.

 A charming view of 18th century buildings with a church tower, and palm trees. Like I said, a very photogenic neighborhood.
 This next one below is a striking scene from the courtyard of el templo de San Andres

 Madrid is a deceptively hilly city. Most of the time you really do not notice. This neighborhood is an exception.
 I really love the unexpected wooden door in Europe. I can not get enough of them.

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