Saturday, July 9, 2011

Temple of Debod

Hello everyone, in spite of my best efforts, I am again hit with a bout of home sickness this week. So rather than dwell on it I thought that I would bring you anther picture heavy post. I took these pictures the 3rd of July at, of all things, a Forth of July celebration in the park below this one.

One of the coolest things in Madrid is the Templo de Debod (and the location of the last two WWKIP days in Madrid).
 It is, as you might have guess, Egyptian in origin, and it is one of only a handful of monuments of it's kind outside of Egypt. It was a gift to the Spanish government for helping save monuments in the Aswan valley that were threatened by the building of the Aswan Dam.

 According to Wikipedia, it was not resembled in it's original formation. I think they did a good job - it is very striking.
 You might be able to make out that they had re build sizable portions of the walls.
 Mountains, sigh. Madrid is a deceptively hilly city and I have a theory that the mountains should be visible from more parts of it - but there are too many buildings. In this view the back of the Temple of Debod is behind me and I am standing at a fence looking down across "Casa de Campo" park towards the sierras in the center of Spain.
 If I was to turn around (with my back to the mountains) I would see this view: a fountain and the back of the temple.
 To the South of the temple is another hilly overlook with views of the Royal Palace. (It is a little odd to being in a country with a royal family.)

 Another picture of the temple taken from the side of the temple.
 A view of the gardens to the sides of the temple.
 I think this is a column from the temple? It is actually quite a ways away from it - although still in the same park - Parque del Oeste.
My favorite view - some how in my American mind the palm trees make it feel more Egyptian. Plus I am still not used to palm trees - they are very cool.

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