Monday, July 11, 2011

Tour de Fleece

 I can not go very much longer without paying homage to "Tour de Fleece" started by Star six years ago, and very much alive and thriving on Ravelry. It is a time to celebrate spinning. We spin while the bikers spin.

OK, OK, so most of don't spin the four hours when the bikers spin. We spin when we can. Setting goals, meeting challenges, and getting some luscious handspun out of the bargain. There is a great feel of on-line comradery that just makes it one of the best times of the year.

Since the resurgence of the love of spinning has not hit Madrid yet...
I am doing my best to represent.

Above you can see one of my favorite spindles (made by yours truly out of a chopstick and a closet rod end). I painted it with southern designs and it makes me feel closer to home, plus it spins really well (the fiber is SSB see link below). The white ball is cotton singles (it is really fun to spin cotton). That fiber braid is fatcatknits Falkland wool in the colorway "Ester" and I am spinning it up on another homemade spindle.

Below I am spinning some lace weight Pollworth wool on my very own, made just for me, Gripping Yarn rose spindle a hybrid between a French Handheld Spindle and a Russian Spindle. Shown here on my glamorous window ledge with my even more glamorous sheets.
 Next up we have some fiber from Susan's Spinning Bunny it is BFL in the colorway "Hibiscus" and I am also spin it into a lace weight yarn hopefully to make into a shawlette. I am spinning all of my project for the Tour as fine as possible to make the fiber last (my stash is stuck in UK customs), and because lace weight is hard to find here in Madrid.

Is spinning the secret to world peace?

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  1. I love seeing your beautiful hand spindles. They are gorgeous objects in and of themselves. You should photograph and post them, too!