Friday, July 29, 2011


Hello everyone!
As the title suggests I am very unmotivated today....So I thought I would blog. HAHA

It is another hot beautiful day here in Spain and it is making me lazy, and as the last post had a dark tone to it I thought I would share the rest of pictures I took back in May of the Parque de Plaza Castilla. The park is kind of set up like a gigantic quilt which if you go to Google Maps and look in satelite view (down and to the right of the roundabout) you can get a better idea of.

I only got a picture of one of the squares, but it is bright, pretty, and full of flowers and sunshine!

Wish me motivation!

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  1. I am sending motivation ! Like you, caught in hot arid Norhern California's drugging heat, I find myself having to think about my day and list in the morning, so I can try to remember what it was I was suppose to do, when it gets hot and everything gets like molasses. Well, fortunatly knitting is the PERFECT sport for these hot summer climates ! Lets just sit inside and knit, why don't we ?