Saturday, July 30, 2011


I think it is possible to be on a Spanish high!
Oh yeah, who went to knitting group last night knowing that there were no native English speakers attending? That is right 3.5 hours of Spanish in a loud Starbucks with multiple people speaking at know what? I did not do so bad.

I DO have to make the disclaimer that everyone in the group were all making and effort to speak slowly and loudly for me - still progress!

One fellow knitter was genuinely surprised that I had only lived here two months, because I knew so much Spanish already.Wow what a confidence booster! I feel like I can go out into the world and get things talk to the people at the pluming store about our constantly running toilet. Maybe I will even understand them if they tell I had better go and catch it. ;)

This picture is of Cat Bordhi's new Tomato heel which I am very excited about. It looks like it will fit better, it is super easy, AND you can make a sock that it almost sure to fit JUST from the foot length and widest stitch count (this one is 72 because it is for a guy).

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  1. ¡Claro que puedes tener una conversación en español! solo te falta un poco de confianza. La semana que viene mas y mejor ;)
    Un abrazo!