Thursday, August 1, 2013

Art challenge - Day 3

I decided to do a mixed-media piece. Really playing with contrasts, bright colors and negative space.
I get my felt backgrounds locally here in Madrid from Fieltros Olleros which has been in business since 1863 and has a huge selection on wool felt, acrylic felt, and a mix. I buy the 100% wool felt and they always seem surprised when I do. I hope that doesn't mean that they will stop making it. 

I bought a natural color piece of background felt because I thought that it would go well with my kits, but it does not because it is heathered and it makes it hard to see the stencil lines. However ,I think that it makes a nice background and negative space for this free form mixed-media piece I did yesterday.

I used: black worsted weight yarn, different colors of scrap wool, and water color crayons. I was hoping that in using similar colors of wool and crayon I would get different heights and effects. I don't think that that plan succeeded, but I do like the finished piece a lot. It is bright and vibrant and holds interest.

The I finished another monster that had been languishing in the un-finished pile. He has more detail added to him and I added front legs.

He has a head tilt that I am leaving in, because I think that it gives him personality.


  1. Oh, I agree with the head tilt giving wee monster a sense of curiosity. Just cool as can be. You're amazing !