Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunset on a good life

I finished this piece on Friday, the same day my husband and I had to say goodbye to one of the family. Making these sunsets can be fun, and I was thinking of making it and putting it in my store, but now I think that I will keep it as a beautiful momento of a beautiful life.

I was luckily enough to know Bandit for 11 years. He was with me for five moves across three states and two countries. In him, I always had a friend to keep me company as I was looking for jobs and getting to know a new city. He and his brother were always preforming antics or being drop-dead adorable to distract me from worries or loneliness. He would always check on my every couple of hours if I was home to get a hug or to ask for food. Until the last months, he would always great me at the door.

Bandit on my handspun crochet blanket

About three years Ago I did a felt portrait of him, just to see if I could. I think I was able to capture the smile and the love in his eyes.

Needle felted portrait

Photo that the portrait was based upon
 Bandit was the other one in the household that loved wool, and things made from wool, as much as I did. He loved to huff (smell deeply) and roll in wool, be wrapped in wool blankets, and play with the wool toys I made him.

Classic sunbeam shot
 There are too many words, and none at all to describe the love we had for each other. So anything I can think to say seems, insufficient. I know that he was one of the great loves of my life, and one of the best friends I will ever have. He would come to comfort me when I was sad, cheer me up if I was angry, and celebrate with me when I was happy.

His fur was a soft as a bunny.

I know that I will miss him everyday for the rest of my life, and that I was very lucky to have known him.

Goodbye Bandit, rest in peace.


  1. Te quedó genial el gatuno y si uno hecha de menos como en mi caso a mi pequeño...
    Son sentimientos que sólo uno sabe verdad?
    bueno pasaba por aquí por casualidad,tiene un blog muy guapo un saludo Kaystir.

  2. Oh Kay, I'm so very sorry. Wow, Bandit was *such* a happy kitty to be with you for as long as he was, and what a beautiful portrait you have of him ....(the exact likeness, as you are so capable of doing !) I shed a wee tear for your separation, but you know, he's there with you in spirit all the time. I had a kitty like this, Molly, who I still think of everyday as I water the birdbath near her grave. Cheering hugs to you xoox