Friday, August 2, 2013

Art Challenge Day 4 and 5

Yesterday was a very busy and emotional day, so nothing got done on the challenge. 
However today I'll bring you two things. We will call this first one Day 4's project.

This is a project that I have been working on for a while. It is my first felt piece with a wire armature inside, and I have to say that I will probably never do that again. I kept hitting the wire inside as I was felting it, also the armature does not move as smoothly as I was hoping for.

Because working with the armature was uncomfortable, this guy sat for a long time. When I first covered the armature around 3 years ago (I still lived in the US) I thought that he was going to be a bear. Then about 3 months ago I got it out again and decided to make something dinosaur-eske, but in fun colors.

Then the blue was too boring, so I added polka dots, three shades of blue and tusks.

There he is walking away. Since I am not used to an armature inside I keep thinking that I misjudged that length of the legs, when really, they are only bent outwards. 

This little guy I will call Day 5's piece.
He started out as just a head many months ago. At the time I was thinking "monster head broach". 

Today I decided to give him a body, not worrying too much about the shape of it, keeping the focus mainly on the head.

Then I tried making the arms 2D for a change. Sure he is a little strange, but that is exactly the point of a monster: to stretch your imagination. To try to make something unique and never seen before.

If anyone is wondering my kitty is doing better today, fingers crossed that he keeps improving.


  1. I love these monsters! What is the wire armature supposed to do? Make him flexible to different poses?

  2. Thanks Darcy, yes it is supposed to make him flexible, but I think that he would be more flexible with less felt. There must be a critical wool to armature ratio.

  3. Yes, fingers crossed about your kitty. But you seriously blow me outa the water everytime I see your wee monsters. You could /should/would make serious money for those !!!