Sunday, September 18, 2011

crocheting in Spain

Crafting is a very different scene over here, but it is very much alive and it makes me happy to see things like this collection trying to tempt more into the crafting fold.

Ganchillo Facil is a magazine that hit newsstands about two weeks ago. It includes a how to DVD, a booklet with 5 patterns, two balls of yarn and a hook. Note the price it is only 1 Euro. My husband informs me that there are always collections of such magazines popping up in Spain, number two will be more expensive. Each magazine includes a ball of yarn, and a pattern of an afghan square to use up the yarn in each issue. At the end of the series you should know how to crochet AND have an afghan. Plus there are other patterns in the magazine.

I think that this is a brillant idea! Even though the yarn is not the best, I think that this sort of thing can bring crafting into the lives of many other people! I have also spotted a cross stitch series, and a figure painting series. Go Spain. :)

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  1. I love kits, I don't know why. I think it's funny that part 2 will be more expensive -- it's like they get you hooked on crochet (no pun intended) and then start increasing the cost, like a drug dealer. The first hit's the cheapest kind of thing. I hope you are well and I miss you!