Friday, September 16, 2011


OK I just could not leave Starry Night alone. It just did not seem "finished" to me. First of all I did not have a good enough photograph and even though I live in sunny Spain where we get clouds rarely (at least in the summer here in Madrid) and my apartment has natural light, I do not get direct sun. I have to take photos fairly early in the day, and I had to take these on my window ledge. It was a fairly daunting task, as it is windy here, I live on the "3rd floor" and these pieces are light weight.

Anyway, yesterday I realized that I had some left over gold colored silk thread and I started to embroider over the piece. The flashes of yellow in the original Starry Night were just not coming across with just the wool. I also took some inspiration from another needle-feltress and added beads to the center of every star to give it that extra flash.

 What I am unable to show you with my camera is the new 3 dimensionally of the piece. The gold colored silk thread picks up the best because silk is shinny but I also put some turquoise thread in the hills.
 Some dark brown thread running up the black plant.
 I am so in love with this piece.
 No one asked, but I thought I would get and share some better photos of some of my favorite (and most accesible) needle felted pieces. HAHA

This next one is of my cat (based off of this photo). I have two cats but I want to "paint" this one as his tabby coloring offers a bit more of a challenge (my other cat is black and white).
I blend my colors with my hands instead of with hand carders and I think that way I can maintain more of the stripy look. (If anyone wants me to post a tutorial - give me a shout.)
I really like how I got the ears to look (working with a fluffy medium really helps here). Also yes, he often has that little smile.
 The next "painting" is of the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park USA (also the arch on the Utah licence plate). I love the color of the red rocks of the Southwest and I wanted to capture it. I was pleased that I was able to get the shadowing right. This was needlefelted on a un-carefully (my fault I get excited) cut piece of felted thrift store sweater. so to frame it I sewed it onto another piece of fabric with turquoise sock yarn and put the whole thing in a hand painted embroidery hoop.
 This one was one I had on hand to photograph. It is titled "Koi pond".
 I really like how the water lilly turned out.
Lastly I have heard that people are having trouble commenting to the blog. I have switched access to allow anyone to comment, no ID needed. Your comments will not show up immediately as I have the "heavy moderation" setting on and all comments will need to be approved by me first. We shall see how this works out.


  1. I had no idea you were a felt artist. Clearly , you are pure dead brilliant ! (a Glaswegian patter compliment) Kaystir, you need to have big showings, and become famous. The silk thread you decided to stitch into Starry Night .. I mean, you must be channeling VanGogh himself ! Wow.

  2. I am simply stunned. Your work is amazing!