Monday, September 12, 2011


I made a rug. :)
It is the size of a standard door mat. I used all sorts of little bits of wool that I had on hand. I am not sure that the camera can catch the way the colors play off of each other, but it is a thing of beauty and many hours of hard work. It is 98% wool (there is some sock wool with nylon content in there) and it feels marvelous, luxurious.

There are not many yarn shops here in Madrid, there are craft stores. They are called "Labores de Hogar" or "labors of home making". They commonly carry a little bit of yarn, needlepoint, cross-stitch, and fabrics for sewing. I have had cause to visit a great many of them recently , and giant cross-stitched rugs were at each one. "What a good way to use up leftover yarn" I thought to myself and promptly started making this.

What personally constitues "art" to me is: 
A.) if it is an oil painting hanging on a wall, or 
B.) it is a piece that make you think, makes you wonder, you can lose yourself in contemplation of it.

I find myself falling into the shapes, colors, and those little points when I crossed the stitches the other direction.

Now I need to find a place where the cats can not destroy it. ;)
Plus it is going to be so warm during winter.


  1. Kay! I was looking you up on Ravelry to let you know about a new crafty group in the Durham area - and to see if you'd be interested in teaching some needle felting or knitting, and now you're in Spain! I've spent the better part of the afternoon catching up on your blog.

    Take care over there!
    Rebecca Teer

  2. This is truly unbelievable. I think you are on a major roll here. Don't stop ! Your new place must be looking and feeling a bit like a fiber gallery. Take photos ! Please? Hang these in your most trafficked rooms of course !

    ps. Re: posting comments problem : I have found that I must just keep clicking post, and eventually the comment sticks.