Thursday, September 1, 2011


Besides seeing Escorial on Saturday we went to Segovia. One thing is immediately apparent when you are in Segovia, that it is an old city. Not only was it my first time ever in Castile and León but it was my first time seeing a Roman period aqueduct. I have a million photos, but I have narrowed it down to three for the blog. If you want to feast your eyes on more photos of the aqudeuct and the town visit my flickr page.
Below you can see where the aqueduct buts up against the medial wall of the city. The only thing that was less-than-awesome about visiting this city was the fact that we were already so tired, we did not get to see much. There is so much more to see and I definitely see a day trip in our future.
 Well I ever get sick of Spanish tile roofs? Probably not.
 Below is a picture of the "La Mujer Muerta" the mountain range looks like a woman laid out for burial. With her head to the left, her feet to the right, and her stomach being the highest bit. The road we took home had her in view for a long time. It is a shame that I was to tired to try to take pictures en route. Up close you can see where her eye and eyebrow are. Very cool.
 All of the photos here were taken by my husband. He has a good eye, by it does not hurt that Spain is so photogenic. Here are some lovely medial city photos:

 Segovia has it's very own Disney-eske castle: Alcazar. I do not know much more about it than it is pretty, it is definitely an incentive to come back for a visit. I hear the high speed train runs there from Madrid......

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