Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Escorial dos

So today pictures of Escorial itself. This was were the kings of Spain ruled for many years (they also seemed to have a high mortality rate judging by how many were in the crypt the self guided tour took us through with out an option.)

28 miles North East of the outskirts of Madrid. El Escorial was the seat of power in Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries. It was apparently also a monastery at some time. I believe it, the place was HUGE. The current royal palace is located in the heart of Madrid.

Escorial is a very small town situated on a hill. In the distance it is possible to see the towers of Madrid. This picture looks off in a general Madrid direction (Madrid is a little to the left). You can see a royal swan, some royal olive groves, and far in the distance Madrid's reservoir (which is Madrid closest 'beach')
Real gold crowns!

Very French gardens

The center is an Apricot tree


  1. There are also huge royal fish in the pond.

  2. So pretty! How do you know the swan and fish are royal? do they wear crowns?

  3. I guess we do not. Since they lived at the palace - we just assumed. ;)