Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two posts

Today I will bring you two posts.
The second post will be the originality planned silly post. I will post even though I feel it inappropriate today because to not do so would mean that the terrorists have won. DH calls them "hooligans" I do not. They have terrorized, so I am calling them what they are.

I am totally in shock about the London riots this morning. I was raised by an anglophile and I guess I consider England my ancestral home, although only some of my ancestors are from there. I have always felt safe in London.

London is the biggest city in Europe, followed by Paris, followed by...Madrid.
There has been many riots in Spain recently, and for the same supposed reason. The youth are underpaid. I am fairly young, but even I know that this is not how you go about getting better paid.
Edit: hmm I seem to have found a link that suggest it was because of a death of a young man. It is a link that you can find out how to help out the clean up if you are in London.

People have been hurt physically, emotionally, and financially by these riots.

Next week we have a world leader coming into town.

I do not feel so young, because I am scared, and youths think that they are immortal.

My heart goes out to you London.

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