Monday, August 1, 2011

Signs, Signs, everywhere signs

As much as I am missing the countryside and wide open uncrowded spaces, there is something to be said about city life too. There is excellent public transportation, entertainment, food, and art. 

You do not have to go to a gallery to see inspirational art take to the streets and keep your eyes open.
How often do we forget that advertising can be inspirational too? That street art has a raw power?
All of these signs were viewed with a time span of a 15 minute walk.
This just grabs you.
This is the logo of a nearby restaurant that specializes in beef. I LOVE this sign.

Can you make out that there are herb painted on tiles on almost
every inch of this store front?

I am not sure what these characters are doing but the sign reads "high  bar",
 it is not surprisingly a bar.

                                                    Check out that "A" it really grabs your attention even if the rest of the sign
blends together

Often I forget how ornigized with their pictures other people can be, check out these great flickr groups for more inspiration: GraffitiGraffiti/street artGreat signsSign city, and funny signs

Should we start our own Flickr group? What should we call it?


  1. Oh cool ! I love the one with he herbs the best ! What a neat city.

  2. Re: Barra fija
    The guy on the right is upending his empty martini glass to get the last drop and the one on the left is ... dusting?

  3. I have had the Spanish expert (husband) look at it and give his conclusions. The one on the right is a girl - note the boob (yeah I did not see it either) and apparently she is smelling a flower because they are on a date. DH agrees about the Martini glass, I thought it was a beaker for some reason.