Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More signs of inspiration

From my walk through an adjoining neighborhood on Sunday, enjoy.
Man with a swordfish advertising a mobile phone, so RANDOM!

Really cool bank detail

An iron lion head fountain. It was not hooked up to water and the other side of this column is rounded, and holds advertisements. The current one is for the smurf movie. The lion looks oddly contemplative.

"We escape generality. Genius crew" How cool is that poster? It was posted on a random service elevator.

The side of the random service elevator, with a stunning mural.

To the Spanish - this means "children's play area". This sign make me think of designated space to  preform  infantile acts.

You can not see it well but this sign has stitches in it's words. It think the sign says something to the effect of "stitch more/big". It is a store sign and they do sell yarn.

Nice font

I love tiles and mosaics, so this was a nice find. It is the aptly named "bad luck cafe" because it was out of business.

A sign made out of post-its, with the English word "Nude"...classic. By the way I am pretty sure that they meant nude the color, judging by all of the beige garments inside the shop.

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